We hope to see the widespread adoption of ecosystem protection and restoration practices and of regenerative livelihoods across the globe.


We aim to regenerate degraded landscapes and restore ecosystem services for the sustainability of people and all life form, one project at a time.


We work with Nature to design and shape healthy and productive landscapes, and we work with people to inspire and empower them to care for themselves, the land and the other species they share it with.


The values that define Permaculture Journeys are:

  • Ecology – We believe in the inter-connectedness of the biosphere and in the intrinsic value of all species
  • Ethics – We are governed by personal and professional ethics that guide our project work and conduct
  • Growth – We set out to remain humble and continuously improve our knowlege, skills and qualities
  • Openness – We share our ideas and methods and welcome yours

About Melanie

Melanie is a passionate permaculturist based in the Yarra Valley, VIC, Australia and sometimes travelling elsewehere. Driven by a reverence for all life form, she transitionned-out of a career in pharmaceuticals to start a regenerative business and offer solutions to the ecological crisis.

She has worked and volunteered in the sustainability field for both corporate and not-for-profit organisations and specialises at present in permaculture, landscape restoration, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

On a more personal touch

Melanie is in her late thirties. She’s from France and also lived in Belgium before coming to Australia in 2012.

Her background is in pharmaceutical & biological sciences as well as Project Management in corporate environments. As a result, she’s very organised and task-oriented with strong work ethics.

This background and a life-long appreciation for natural ecosystems have given her the drive to apply her time and skills in service of our planet and all living things.

Melanie likes the outdoors, discovering countries and cultures, and good wine. She also enjoys some quiet time reflecting on experiences or reading a book.

About Melanie