Meet Mel

Hi There and Welcome to Permaculture Journeys.

I’m Melanie, a Sustainability professional and digital eco-nomad based all around Australia and sometimes elsewehere. I transitionned-out of the Corporate world where I used to work, in order to start a regenerative business and offer solutions to the ecological crisis.

Permaculture Journeys is an online platform where you can follow my travels and transition towards a permaculture lifestyle, ask for help, work with me, learn, get involved, shop and share all things related to permaculture and sustainable living.



Our vision at Permaculture Journeys’ is to inspire and empower people to care for themselves, all life form and the environment.


To achieve our vision, we set a mission to work with rather than against Nature, do our part to regenerate degraded ecosystems, and provide you with the guidance, tools and support you may need to take on this journey with us and become agents of change.


The values that define the content, products and services of Permaculture Journeys are:

  • Minimalist, as opposed to superfluous, for we acknowledge the resources of the planet are decreasing at an alarming rate and encourage substantial consumption reduction. Also, most eco-nomads live in a car or a van, and everything we own needs to fit in there. This means we don’t range fancy gadgets, home decor stuff, stylish accessories or dozens of beauty products. Just what we need to live simply and happily everyday.

  • Ethical, meaning we source our products responsibly; and we ensure that every item promoted on our website represents a better alternative than conventional choices.

  • Vegan, which means not containing any animal source whatsoever; because we care about all sentient beings and believe in a world of love and compassion where every being on the planet is free from harm and exploitation and appreciated for their intrinsic value.

  • Free from palm oil, because we never know how sustainable RSPO is.

  • Non-toxic, i.e. not containing harsh chemicals, only natural ingredients.

  • And as far as possible, locally-sourced, zero-waste through reusability, recyclability, biodegradability and/or compostability of product parts, and made of renewable resources.

They align with the 3 permaculture ethics:

  • “Care for the Earth”
  • “Care for the People” and
  •  “Fair Share”.

… as well as with the permaculture principles:

  • #4 “Apply self-regulation and accept feedback”
  • #5 “Use and value renewable resources” and
  • #6 ”Produce no waste”.
The 3 permaculture ethics

How it all started

As Permaculture Journeys’ founder and owner, Melanie explains:

“I heard about Permaculture for the first time in my former corporate job as I studied for a certification in sustainability. I was already thinking about transitioning career to put my time and skills in service of the planet, for I believe in David W. Orr’s quote: “[…] the planet does not need more successful people, but it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind […]” – Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World, 2005.

I researched Permaculture more and took a first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) online. Convinced it was the most sensible turn I could take in my life and my career, I left my corporate job. I then took another Permaculture Design Course, residential this time, followed by an internship to gain a first practical experience.

Shortly afterwards, I left Sydney with my partner and started touring around Australia to continue learning and practice permaculture and a sustainable way of living.

The idea of Permaculture Journeys emerged later during our travels. This is yet another journey and who knows where it’s going to lead… So welcome and enjoy the voyage!”


On a more personal touch

Melanie is in her mid-thirties. She’s from France and lived in Belgium before coming to Australia in 2012.

Her background is in pharmaceutical & biological sciences as well as Project Management in corporate environments. As a result, she’s very organised and task-oriented with strong work ethics.

This background and a life-long appreciation for natural ecosystems have given her the drive to use her time and skills in service of our planet and all living things. She’s also passionate about Nutrition, using the power of plant-based food to ensure optimal health.

Melanie likes practicing yoga, meditating, hiking and camping; she also enjoys running, which took her to the finish line of the 2015 Queenstown, NZ Marathon.


About Melanie