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“The Problem is the Solution”

This is the second design principle taught by Bill Mollison in his infamous “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”. The book was first published in 1988 and is still the title of reference in the permaculture world.
“The problem is the solution” basically means that every element we perceive as negative can be of positive use if we’re creative enough.
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Reed Beds as Greywater Treatment

Have you ever wandered along a lake, pond or river and noticed how reeds love having their “feet” in the water? 
These tall, grass-like plants of wetlands not only provide habitat for wildlife, they also prevent erosion of the beds and banks of water bodies where they grow, and act as formidable water filtration systems.
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Hügelkultur Herb Spiral

The principle of an herb spiral is to create a small space where one can access all the kitchen herbs they like to use for cooking, while providing each plant with the adequate micro-climate they need to grow. 
Hügelkultur comes from the German tongue and means “hill culture”. They are no-dig raised beds where a mound is constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials. The mound is then planted after some time when the layers have had time to break-down and transformed into productive soil. 
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Landscape degradation & potential for regeneration

Welcome to the Nunniong plains near Omeo, VIC. Beautiful one-day road trip around natural reserves, plains, hilltops, historic sites and wonderful views all around. As we were approaching the end of the track, these plains near Ensay North caught my attention.
In this article, we look at how we can use permaculture design to regenerate landscapes that have been degraded by human activities.
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Easy home-made bread and milk

Bread and milk have been considered essential staples of the everyday life for centuries.
With a French background and a German boyfriend, I certainly can’t deny that bread is a basis of both our culinary cultures. And we like to eat lots of it. However, we’re often frustrated that the bread we find in Australia is either very unhealthy (full of E### numbers) or very expensive (up to $8 for a 375g loaf). Plus it always comes with soft plastic packaging that is not accepted in our yellow recyclables bins.
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