Permaculture in Action: Gippsland, VIC, Australia


It’s been a while since I published the last blog post. The beginning of the year has been quite busy with lots of permaculture work in different places, travelling to and within Europe (and where I’m staying until the end of the year), joining retreats, meeting new people, and taking some personal time for inner reflection and growth.

Project Context

For this article, I’m catching-up on some progress I made earlier this year as part of an ongoing permaculture design project for my friend Michael near Traralgon, VIC, Australia. You can learn about it in the corresponding design report here: Concept-Design-Report.pdf
The concept design is final. We now understand the project goal and elements, the ecosystem influences, where the different zones will be, and how to place each element relatively to each other in order to create closed-loop systems of energies.
The detailed design including the selection of species of plants will take place later, once the initial structures are ready.


This time around on the farm and with a small group of helpers, we started preparing the field so the real works can begin when I come back to Australia at the end of 2019.
We already had basic amenities such as shelter, toilet and shower. And in a couple of weeks, we further achieved the following:

  • We created a big kitchen and small outdoor lounge space to feed the community and relax while we’ll be living and working on site.
  • We built a shed to store some materials that we diverted from landfill and collected for later repurposing and use.
  • Small but important thing, we dug and set up a safe space to store and protect important items in the event of a fire hazard next summer.
  • And last but not least, we started marking our zone 1 and a path around it.

All the materials used to create the various structures were collected at waste resource management centres, on the side of roads and diverted from landfill. We therefore keep supporting the zero-waste movement by recycling and repurposing materials. That can sometimes give an odd look to what we build but it can always be redecorated and improved later.

Over winter (while I’ll be enjoying the European summer), Michael should extend the storage shed and repair some heavy machinery that will be needed for the earthworks.
Then we’ll be ready to start the project implementation.

Sometimes pictures speak better than words. So here is a small photo gallery of our progress.
Till next time.

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