Bamboo Dining Set


This dining set is made from bamboo fiber, vegetable matter, water and starch. It is reusable again and again, and when buried at the end of its lifetime, returns back to nature without without harming the environment.
The colours / dyes are also sourced from different flowers, plants and vegetables so it is totally natural and safe for your compost and soil.

Great for indoor and outdoor use. We have been using it nearly everyday for over a year and it is still in excellent condition. One of our favourite products.

This set contains:
1 large plate (10′ / 25cm)
1 bowl (16oz / 455mL)
1 cup (14oz / 400mL)
1 set of cutlery (fork, knife and spoon)
1 mesh bag

Charcoal, Sand, or Aussie outback mix colour.

Also need a reusable coffee cup? Try our bamboo coffee cup, available in Lime or Navy colour.


Biodegradable / Compostable (disappear in about 3 years, compared to 500+ years for plastic)
Zero Waste
Made of renewable resources
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
Dishwasher Safe
Heat-resistant up to 120°C
Tested and approved by Permaculture Journeys

Sourced from:
VIC, Australia

About bamboo:
Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on Earth and its natural antibacterial properties means that no pesticides are used and that it grows organically in its country of origin in China. Unlike trees, bamboo can be harvested without destroying the plant. The bamboo fiber is the waste material left behind from traditional manufacturing processes and is collected and repurposed to create a wide range of contemporary, stylish and durable lifestyle and outdoor products.

Additional information

Weight550 g
Dimensions36 × 25 × 11 cm

Charcoal, Sand, Aussie Outback Mix


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