Project Portfolio

Manual Design

This design project applies to a 1-acre lot that sits within a 162-acres co-owned permaculture property located in sub-tropical climate in South East Queensland, Australia.

The purpose of the design was to develop the lot for private usage and in accordance with the community goals and setting.

Computer-Aided Design

This design project applies to a 116-acres property located in cool temperate climate in South East Victoria, Australia.

The purpose of the design was to develop a self-sufficient permaculture farm that can be home to a community of 10-12 people in the event of a major economic and/or ecological collapse.

Portfolio Example 2 - Computer-Aided Design

Project Management

This fictional project applies to a 96-acres property that was listed for sale in sub-tropical climate in North East NSW, Australia.

The purpose of this project as given by the fictional client (permaculture student) was to make a self-sufficient permaculture education / information centre with a tea garden as an eco-tourist attraction, supported by a fully-functioning productive farm and wildlife sanctuary.

I here only included the project schedule. If you’re interested in the whole design, please feel free to contact me.

Portfolio Example 3 - Project Management Plan

Field Work

I can assist your green business or project with any work that is respectful of the environment and living beings. 
My experience includes:

  • Preparing, planting and maintaining gardens & fields
  • Crop harvesting and packing
  • Setting-up nurseries and preparing seedlings
  • Small construction works
  • Using hand and power tools
  • Driving tractors & small farm vehicules (with or without trailer)
  • Caring for farm and domesticated animals
  • Various other works for environmental NGO’s including pest control, tree planting, bush regeneration, etc.