Project Portfolio

Tyalgum, NSW (Q1 2017)

This project applies to a 96-acres property that was listed for sale in sub-tropical climate in North East NSW, Australia. It was a group project given in the context of a permaculture design course evaluation, and reviewed and validated by the permaculture teachers.

The purpose of this project was to make a self-sufficient permaculture education / information centre with a tea garden as an eco-tourist attraction, supported by a fully-functioning productive farm and wildlife sanctuary.

Sector Analysis
Design Map - Tyalgum
Concept Design (Zones)
Portfolio Example 3 - Project Management Plan
Project Management Schedule

Kin Kin, QLD (Q2 2017)

This project applies to a 1-acre lot that sits within a 162-acres co-owned permaculture property located in sub-tropical climate in South East Queensland, Australia.

The purpose of the design was to develop the lot for private usage and in accordance with the community goals and setting.

Design Map - Kin Kin
Proposed Design
Project Brief - Kin KIn
Project Brief

Narara, NSW (Q3 2018)

This project applies to a 2-acre lot that sits on the outskirts of (and belongs to) the Narara Eco-Village, Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

The purpose of the design was to come-up with a concept design outlining proposed permaculture zones and water systems for passive water harvesting and retention.

Base Map
Concept Design - Narara
Concept Design (Zones)

Traralgon, VIC (Q4 2017 & Q4 2018)

This design project applies to a 116-acres property located in cool temperate climate in South East Victoria, Australia.

The purpose of the design was to develop a self-sufficient permaculture farm that can be home to a community of 10-12 people in the event of a major economic and/or ecological collapse.

Proposed Design - Traralgon
Proposed Design
Design Report

Campagne, France (Q1-Q2 2019)

This project applies to a brand new 1/2-acre lot that is rented-out to my mum and is located in mediterranean climate in the South of France.

The purpose of the design was to create an aesthetic space while respecting the permaculture ethics as well as the owner’s expectations, and making sure the design would be humble enough to fit within tight budget, timeline and manpower restrictions.

I documented the project and work done in the following blog post: Permaculture In Action at: My Mum’s

Base Map - Campagne
Base Map
Sector Analysis - Campagne
Sector Analysis
Proposed Design

Field Work

I can assist your green business or project with any work that is respectful of the environment and living beings. 
My experience includes:

  • Preparing, planting and maintaining gardens & fields
  • Crop harvesting and packing
  • Setting-up nurseries and preparing seedlings
  • Small construction works
  • Using hand and power tools
  • Driving tractors & small farm vehicules (with or without trailer)
  • Caring for farm and domesticated animals
  • Various other works for environmental NGO’s including pest control, tree planting, bush regeneration, etc.