Sustainability Policy

Permaculture Journeys is entirely committed to sustainability. In fact, it is the very purpose of this business, as outlined in our vision “protect and regenerate ecosystems for the sustainability of people and all life form, one project at a time” and effected through our mission “work with Nature to design and shape landscapes that yield beauty and abundance, and we work with people to inspire and empower them to care for themselves, their land and the other species they share it with”.
We assure conformance with this policy through the use of our Sustainability Management System (SMS).

Sustainability encompasses 3 dimensions: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Environmental sustainability

We solely offer content, products and services that support the environment.
The articles posted on our blog relate to permaculture and sustainable living. They have an educational purpose, presenting some environmental challenges we encounter in our everyday life and solutions we can implement to live more responsibly, or situations that are models in sustainability, or related thoughts and experiences.
We supply products that are daily essentials as opposed to superfluous, for we acknowledge the resources of the planet are decreasing at an alarming rate and encourage substantial consumption reduction. We are committed to source our products responsibly, ensuring that every item promoted on our website represents a better alternative than conventional choices, contains no toxic substance and no palm-oil, and as far as possible, is zero-waste through recyclability, biodegradability and/or compostability of its parts and materials as well as made from renewable resources. Because we care about all sentient beings, we also choose to offer products that are exclusively cruelty-free, i.e. not containing any animal source whatsoever, for we believe in a world of love and compassion where every being on the planet is free from harm and appreciated for their intrinsic value.
We offer labour and consultancy services to individuals, organisations and businesses whose project or work reconnects people with their natural environment, protects natural habitat and biodiversity, results in ecological improvements, or simply cares for the Earth, the people and all other species.
We thrive to minimise the carbon footprint induced from our operations through carbon offsets and partnerships with relevant organisations.

Social sustainability

As established by the non-profit, non-governmental and internationally recognised organisation ‘The Natural Step’, the definition of sustainability encompasses a social dimension and states that there should be no structural obstacles to people meeting their basic needs worldwide. Permaculture Journeys adopts this definition and is committed to a fair share of resources as well as to promote health and well-being. We want to ensure everyone has access to information and the ability to live more sustainably for themselves, the others and the environment.

Economic sustainability

We are committed to placing profit after the planet and the people. Our focus is not on profit or increased consumption of our products and services, but on making a positive contribution to the planet and the people through business. We thrive to offer a price that is fair to the customer and viable to sustain Permaculture Journeys and our transition towards a sustainable lifestyle.