Sustainability Policy

Permaculture Journeys is entirely committed to sustainability. In fact, it is the very purpose of this business, as outlined in our vision “the widespread adoption of ecosystem protection and restoration practices and of regenerative livelihoods across the globe” and effected through our mission “design and shape healthy and productive landscapes, and inspire and empower people to care for themselves, their land and the other species they share it with”.
We assure conformance with this policy through the use of our Sustainability Management System (SMS).

Sustainability encompasses 3 dimensions: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Environmental sustainability

We solely offer content and services that support the environment:
– Our blog articles address various topics related to permaculture and sustainability, including but not limited to permaculture design and implementation projects, elements of regenerative design, global ecological issues and solutions, ecologically responsible habits and lifestyles, etc.
– We offer consultancy and labour services to individuals, organisations and businesses whose project or work protects natural habitat and biodiversity, integrates regenerative practices, or simply results in ecological improvements.
– We periodically donate to and volunteer for environmental initiatives.
– We thrive to minimise the carbon footprint induced from our operations through carbon offsets and partnerships with relevant organisations.

Social sustainability

As established by the non-profit, non-governmental and internationally recognised organisation ‘The Natural Step’, the definition of sustainability encompasses a social dimension and states that there should be no structural obstacles to people meeting their basic needs worldwide. Permaculture Journeys adopts this definition and aims at improving people’s ability to meet their own needs (self-reliance or self-sufficiency) as well as promoting health and well-being. We are also committed to a fair share of resources as per the third permaculture ethics and offer free access to information so that everyone has the ability to live more sustainably.

Economic sustainability

We are committed to placing profit after the planet and the people. Our focus is not on profit or increased consumption of our services, but on making a positive contribution to the planet and the people through business. We thrive to offer a price that is fair to the customer and viable to sustain Permaculture Journeys and our transition towards a sustainable lifestyle.